How do you distill grand, artistic inspiration down to the most basic, primitive form?  How do you take the mind-boggling information about the structure of the universe, plant geometry, patterns in nature, consciousness and quantum theory and create art that is simple, bold and beautiful?

In simple terms, Abstract Pursuits is a Cosmic Research Project.

I'm trying to learn about this strange thing we call "reality". What is it made of? How does it work? Similar to traditional research projects: Data is gathered, theories devised, studio methods designed, experiments made, and the results are the results, whether I like them or not (That is also the act of “Art Making” in a nutshell). 

This new direction of art has been making it's way into my sketchbooks for years. It is the result of feeling stuck in a specific style for so long in my other, established art direction. Abstract Pursuits has been a place to explore new creative realms without any financial pressure.


First Breath: 1980

Currently Lives: Ashland, Oregon

Is: Full-time Artist, Dad, husband, surfer, traveler, space nerd, Bloody Mary lover, hot tub junky.

Clients Include: REI, Billabong, Patagonia, Reef, Sector 9 Skateboards, Pottery Barn, Surfing Magazine, Save the Waves, Heal The Bay and SurfAid.


Abstract Pursuits is currently focused on collaborating with like minded brands, interior designers and architects on large scale projects such as murals, sculptural installations and design/pattern licensing for a range of high-end products.  Please reach out and let's see if there is a fit.