Abstract Pursuits: Lift Off

Abstract Pursuits: Lift Off

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It’s a big universe out there.  Endless as far as anybody knows.  Almost hurts to think about.  So I’m just thinking about how so damn happy it makes me to get this Abstract Pursuits rocket ship off the ground. It’s been a loooong time comin’. 39.2 years to be exact. The countdown is over. We have lift off.

Every little crayon scribble, every school book doodle, every shirt graphic, surfboard paint job, skateboard design, mural, every shitty painting and even the good ones have all led here.  I continue to have a pretty good ride as an artist over at Abel Arts, but there’s this other stuff, from the depths of my soul, that’s just been exploding out of my brain the last few years. Any further suppression will result in insanity. There’s been a lot of hemming and hawing about what to do about it;  Do I combine the two different art directions under Abel Arts and confuse the shit out of my collectors, fans and galleries? Do I start an artist alias and keep my identity secret?  Do I keep suppressing it until I explode? None of the above… just gonna start a new brand around the whole damn thing and shoot for the stars! 

As an artist, drastic mid-career direction shifts are looked down upon these days… I'm masking it under a brand name and doing it anyways.  Can you imagine the trauma from the regret of not taking the plunge and following your heart?!  It seems horrible. When the universe knocks, we gotta let that shit in!

Good vibes,

Erik Abel

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